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"Generating Power When You Need It Most...Don't Be Left In The DARK!"


Maintenance Program:

Is Your Generator Ready For The Next Power Outage?

JG-POWER, is factory trained and certified on all models of Generac / Guardian generators. We can provide semi-annual or annual preventive maintenance checkups for your residential automatic standby generator to keep it operating at it's optimum performance. We will also perform diagnostics tests and repairs on your generator, if a malfunction ever arises. We do not take the easy way out by simply swapping parts out of your generator to hope to fix the faulty part and have you foot the bill, like some of the "Other Guys" do. We perform diagnostic tests and fix what needs to be fixed, to try to save you money! 

Just remember, you are paying for a professional quality service by a factory certified dealer / technician while using factory authorized parts and that is what we provide.
We Do Not Use Aftermarket Parts!

We Provide Maintenance and Repairs To The Following Generators:










Preventive Maintenance Agreement *

Our low cost preventive maintenance agreement covers the normal operation of your automatic standby generator and helps to protect your residential home generator against typical failures.

Your standby generator REQUIRES annual maintenance!
(Please refer to your "Service Schedule" section 4.12 or 4.13 located in your Owner's Manual)

Preventive Maintenance Services

WE use Factory-Authorized parts and execute OVER ( 20 ) adjustments, checks, and inspections when we perform our annual preventive maintenance service.
NOT all companies do this, but they should! Please ask for documentation from your contractor to confirm that your generator is receiving the quality service that is NEEDED. 

OUR Annual Preventive Maintenance Service Includes:
  • Visual Inspection Of Generator's Enclosure (Exterior / Interior) 
  •  Inspect Fuel Line & Connections For Leaks
  •  Inspect Intake & Exhaust Vents For Obstructions
  •  Check For Trouble Lights
  •  Check For Fault Codes
  •  Check Oil Condition & Level
  •  Manual Start Generator Under No Load & Load
  •  Verify Voltage & Frequency Output
  •  Change Oil Using Synthetic Oil
  •  Change Oil Filter
  •  Check Battery Condition
  •  Check Battery Voltage
  •  Replace Air Filter
  •  Replace Sparks Plugs
  •  Adjust Valve Lash (if needed)
  •  Adjust Fuel Regulator (if needed)
  •  Adjust Engine Speed (if needed)
  •  Simulate A Power Outage
         - Transfer To Generator Power
         - Transfer Back To Utility Power

        ...and more!


Preventive Maintenance Plans - Air Cooled Generators * 

1.  1 Year Maintenance Plan: 1 Year / 1 Visit............................................................................$175.00 + tax

2.  1 Year Maintenance Plan: 1 Year / 2 Visits (1 Visit Every 6 Months = 2 Total Visits)..........$275.00 + tax

3.  2 Year Maintenance Plan: 2 Years / 2 Visits (1 Visit Per Year = 2 Total Visits)....................$350.00 + tax

4.  2 Year Maintenance Plan: 2 Years / 4 Visits (1 Visit Every 6 Months = 4 Total Visits).........$550.00 + tax


Why Use JG-POWER For ALL Of Your Generac Automatic Standby Generator Needs?

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* Disclaimer: All guarantees, warranties, or promises are voided if a "brown out" or similar condition existed, the automatic standby generator was used in a way that it was not designed for (ex. prime power, portable power), altered the unit in any way, had existing mechanical or electrical issues, was not properly maintained, if the homeowner, another contractor, company, dealer, or any individual, other than JG-POWER, Inc. performs service related work on such generator or transfer switch within the year duration of the preventive maintenance plan or service work performed. Pricing is based on JG-POWER, Inc.'s local residential air-cooled automatic standby generator customers, in the Rochester area and immediate surrounding counties (50 mile radius). If you are located outside of our service area, please contact us and we would be happy to assist you in locating a Generac Dealer in your local area or go to
www.generac.com to find a local dealer near you.

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