"Generating Power When You Need It Most...
Don't Be Left In The DARK!"

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"Generating Power When You Need It Most...Don't Be Left In The DARK!"


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is one of upstate New York's preferred, honest, dependable, and reliable residential Generac / Guardian Certified Sales & Service Generator Dealer who listens to our customer's needs, while respecting their budget. We are dedicated to our customers and only to the Generac brand products. We believe in providing a superior quality service, while trying to save our customers money. We don't administer tricky sales or apply high stress tactics, no "price bidding" wars, inflation of prices to make it look like you're getting a savings when a discount is applied, or no proposals of undersize / oversize a power solutions just to get our customers to buy from us. What you need, is what you get! That's why we offer
"total turn-key" power solution packages. We Do All Of The Work For You! We try to make the whole process from picking a power solution that meets YOUR needs, purchasing it, getting the required inspections and permits, installing your new generator, and offer many years of product support & service after the installation as enjoyable and stress free as possible. Our customers are pleasantly surprised to learn that our installations typically take one day to complete, limiting an interruption to their daily lives. We listen to our customers and supply them with a power solution that meets their needs, while trying to get them the most for their money. We specialize in the sales, service, installations, & warranty related work for the Generac / Guardian brand generators, America's Preferred Brand of Residential Automatic Standby Generators, and have many years of experience in doing so.
We Are A Preferred Generator Dealer When It Comes To Providing SUPERIOR Quality Service For The Generac Brand Of Automatic Standby Generators!

Rest assured...We don't service or install water systems, furnaces, air conditioning units, or do generators on the side!
Call us today at (585)349-4663,
to schedule a free in-home assessment for a generator installation, to schedule preventive maintenance on an existing Generac / Guardian generator, interested in buying Generac related products, or if you have a question. We look forward to assisting you and maintaining your generator for many years to come in a long lasting committed relationship. When you need POWER to protect your home and family from power outages, there's only ONE company to call, JG-POWER.

Protect Your Home and Family From Power Outages...
                                                                                    Don't be Left In The DARK!

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